Should you consider buying a monitor arm? Find here!


Your workspace should be clutter-free and must have enough room for everything you need. Expectedly, most people have a PC with monitor on their desks, but a stationary monitor may not be the most ideal choice. Instead of struggling with adjusting the viewing angles for better productivity, you could consider buying a monitor mount, also known as a monitor arm. The good news is arms and mounts for monitors don’t have to be expensive. You can find PrimeCables monitor desk mounts for as low as $10. How worthy is a monitor arm? In this quick guide, we talk of the advantages and other aspects worth knowing. 

The obvious advantages

  1. There are several advantages of using a monitor arm. First and foremost, the arm makes the monitor movable. This simply means that you can adjust the distance and position of the monitor as needed, which does add to viewing experience. An adjustable monitor that’s on an arm also promotes good posture. For instance, if you had to lean ahead or back to view the monitor, the arm will ensure that you don’t have to move. In return, the adjustment scope adds to focus and productivity at work. 
  2. Secondly, when the workspace is being shared and the monitor must be used by two people, the adjustments can be done easily. There are many types of mounts, including ones that can be mounted on a desk, besides the standard wall-mounted options. 
  3. Monitor mounts also free up the work space, which gives more room to keep other things that you may need at work. Also, when there are multiple monitors, one arm can be used for holding both. 

What to look in a monitor arm/mount?

Not all monitor mounts are same, and as a customer, you need to check for a few basic things, such as – 

  • The overall adjustable capabilities of the mount
  • Whether the mount is meant for desktops or walls
  • The quality of material
  • Installation requirements
  • Design of the mount (for one or multiple monitors)

Among other things, do check the features of a monitor arm, because that eventually determines the cost. It is wise to check if the mount is VESA compliant and will work for the type of mount you have. As for the best prices, do check online stores that have different styles and brands in monitor arms and mounts, depending on your budget. Choose a good monitor arm that is meant to last.