Elevating your pokemon go game – Strategies for account acquisition


While some were satisfied catching Pokémon casually during daily activities, others aimed to elevate their gameplay by employing strategic account acquisition. Owning multiple accounts could make a significant difference if you want to enhance your skills and assemble a powerful Pokémon lineup.

Understanding account acquisition

First, it’s important to clarify that “account sharing” by buying or trading existing accounts is strictly against Niantic’s terms of service and can result in account termination. However, creating brand new accounts through legitimate means is acceptable under the current rules. Having additional accounts enables you to multiply your gameplay efforts effectively. Instead of being limited to catching and spinning PokeStops from just one location, you fan out across a wider area. You’ll earn more valuable items like Poke Balls, Berries, Incense, and Eggs much faster. This is especially advantageous during events and Community Days when you can catch multiple instances of the featured Pokemon across various accounts.

Creating new accounts

where to buy pokemon go accounts? The easiest way to create additional Pokemon Go accounts is by using different email addresses. Gmail and Outlook allow you to quickly create multiple free accounts connected to the same login. Each new email can set up a brand-new Pokemon Go account and trainer profile. If you run out of realistic-looking email combinations, you can use an email aliases service like 33Mail or AnonMail to generate unlimited unique addresses for your Pokemon Go accounts. Just be sure the aliases trace back to your primary email so you can access all the accounts. Consider setting up a new Pokemon Trainer Club account on the official website to link with a Pokemon Go account. However, managing multiple accounts across different credential types takes time and effort.

Developing an account plan

More than simply making a bunch of accounts is required – you need to develop an overarching strategy and specialize each account to maximize its utility based on your gameplay goals. One account may focus solely on grinding XP and Stardust through circular PokeStop routes. Another target is specific Pokemon types or raid counters desired for battle parties. A common approach is to have accounts concentrated in different geographic regions to gain access to unique spawns, Nests, and PokeStops. Having hometown, urban, rural, coastal, and mountainous accounts provides impressive biodiversity in the Pokemon you collect. Just ensure you’re only actively playing accounts in your current legal location.

Account safety and security

With great power comes great responsibility – in this case, keeping your network of Pokemon Go accounts safe and secure is paramount. Use a different complex password for the login credentials of each account to prevent any single point of failure from compromising everything. Never share your account details with anyone outside of your trusted collaboration group. It’s also wise to have unique account recovery email addresses that are not tied to your primary addresses. Enabling two-factor authentication wherever possible adds an essential extra layer of protection.

Playing fair and having fun

While intelligently using multiple legitimate accounts is currently permitted, you must always play within Niantic’s terms of service to avoid punitive actions. Never automate gameplay through third-party tools, apps, or services. Stick to manually catching Pokemon and spinning PokeStops across your accounts. Avoid gameplay perceived as cheating, such as spoofing or selling Pokemon or accounts. If an activity feels questionable, it’s better to be cautious. Ultimately, running multiple accounts should be about responsibly maximizing your enjoyment of Pokemon Go, not undermining its spirit of fair play.