Effective Web Design Tips For Increasing Sales


Starting an online business is easy and affordable. There is an increase in eCommerce sales every year. Currently, eCommerce retail sales are more than $4 trillion across the world. The stats convey the amount of dollars spent on online purchases. If you are starting a new eCommerce business then here are some effective web design tips that can help to reach potential customers.

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Keep the design simple

It is tempting to add plenty of interactive graphics but can overwhelm customers forcing them to leave the website. Simple is better because no one can handle pop-ups or go in search of a non-existent navigation menu. Such mistakes can cost sales opportunities. A simple design includes –

  • Clear menus and legibly marked buttons
  • Simple & legit fonts
  • Easily scannable content
  • Unified color schemes
  • Identifiable navigation elements

The products need to be visualized and described clearly as well as made known how they can purchase.

Images & color use

Images increase conversion by around 40%, so showcase product images in high quality. The pictures need to convey the message and professional shots from different angles help to build trust.

Colors evoke emotions, so consider the traits associated with your brand and choose. Colors like shiny gold and sleek black convey luxury, while blue increases the feeling of trust.

Use images and colors that are inspirational and motivational influencing the visitor to take action. A single red button can increase CTR up to 35%.

Mobile optimization

Smartphones are a major source of accessing the internet Gen Z customers browse a lot on their mobile phones. If your website does not load quickly on the mobile then you lose opportunities because users get frustrated and click away.

Make sure that the site is optimized for mobile users. It should load fast, so choose a minimalist web design, and avoid overcrowding with random text blocks or interactive graphics. Ensure that the navigation links & buttons work well on smartphone screens. The functionality of the web design has to be the same on every screen size.

Simple & seamless checkout

Getting customers fast out of the finish line is essential. Allow them to checkout as a guest. The form to be filled must be short only the required information. Label the data fields clearly. Give the product preview in the cart with a description along with shipping or other charges.

If they get to the ‘confirm purchase’ web page and see a high total than expected, this can come across as unethical leading to cart abandonment. So, reveal the shipping cost and options as well as outline the return & refund policy on the checkout page. Knowing policy offers the user peace of mind and increases the site’s credibility.

Have a website developed that is appealing and intuitive for users. Before your website goes active perform A/B testing because even with proven web design standards every niche differs.