The Outfit Review


The Outfit was written and directed by Graham Moore and marks his debut as a director. He won an Oscar for best screenplay for this film. Now I recommend you to watch this film and you can download The Outfit free online.

The Outfit tells the story of the main character Leonard, a professional English tailor who originally had his couture brand in London. But after a personal tragedy, he moves to a small town in Chicago and opens a small clothing store.

His clothing remained high quality and high priced, and the only people who could afford it were Chicago’s mob families. This spells trouble for him. His store broke into a group of gangsters, accompanied by a lot of danger, in the sound of gunfire, the double stimulation of blood, Leonard was frightened and panicked, saw the gang’s sinister and cunning, he must use his wisdom to get through the night safely.

In the limited cost, the crew put a small space in the costume road to the maximum extent to fit the style of the American 5, 60s, the viewing experience is very comfortable, not out of place. The classic vest and gold-rimmed glasses of the tailor appear in the play.

And to tell a gangster suspense story in 100 minutes, a room, the most important thing is still the script. Most of the film’s plot advancement relies on the dialogue between the characters.

The biggest mystery of the film seems to be who the mole is, but it is who the tailor is. And the tailor’s reason for coming to America to start a new business, as told to different people three times, each time gives the audience a deeper understanding of his experience and eventually reveals his identity.

And in the final confrontation between Mrs. Lafontaine and the second-in-command Francis, the tailor a bullet was taken away by me, but finally, himself was shot by the bullet he pretended to take away, but still managed to kill back, START AGAIN can be said to be one of Dog’s favorite little settings. Relying on the precise guessing of human psychology, with a few words to control the big picture and take the mistake, is the basis of the tailor’s entire plan, but also the epitome of the film itself.

In short, reversing and reversing and reversing again, this film is quite a thoughtful film, yet all the story takes place in just one tailor’s shop. It’s amazing how much of the story is told. It is a textbook production, worthy of the best screenwriting Oscar.

To become truly great, learn to listen more and talk less: the film’s protagonist has carefully planned a big game to fight the gangster family for revenge. He usually observes the actions of the various characters but behaves humanly and harmlessly all the time. It is also a character like him who ends up successfully planning a chain of events to overthrow the gangsters.

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