PBN-Hosting Providers Supplement the Money Site 


With excessive use of manipulative link building, there is a potential threat that your website could be penalized with subsequent manual action. If a human reviewer from Google finds the website does not adhere to Google`s Webmaster quality guidelines, an action could be taken. Most actions are intended to resolve the attempt to influence the search engine index. The position of the website could be lowered or omitted from the search results with no visual clue to the user. A website with manual action could lower the search index of the entire website or specific page. In rare cases, the entire website could be removed from the index. 

Associated risks 

In spite of the probable action, many SEOs hire PBN Hosting providers to build links aware of the associated menace. Earning quality links is difficult and time-consuming the consequence is unpredictable. A pool of strategies is inclusive of digital PR, email outreach, broken link building, and link reclamation, resulting in quality and authoritative links. In a nutshell, all these strategies have a common purpose of reaching the target audience and webmasters and persuading them to link to your website. These strategies aim to enhance visual availability and awareness of the content and hope the viewer likes it to link to it from new or present content.

Reduces the element of unpredictability

Even the best efforts do not bring the desired result, as there is no assurance of getting the set number of links per month or quarter. On the other hand, PNB reduces the element of unpredictability. Decades ago, SEOs were using match anchor text links. The anchor text indicates the topic of the content, and SEOs found the algorithm could be controlled. There is no thumb rule to get the optimal result from anchor text. Every business has specific needs and a specific keyword associated with it. Selecting a proper anchor text is crucial while linking. It can land you on the first page of a Google search or end on the third or beyond pages. Do not repeat the anchor on different domains having the same keyword. Be innovative and mix to give wider variation. 

Higher ranking

PNBs are designed to supplement revenue-generating websites. With correct settings and operation, the PNBs will transmit the fluid to the site, which will increase higher ranking in the search index. Large sites with different segments of service or products have many links connecting in a diverse way to the affiliate site. But it does not ensure an optimal result. When webmasters comprehended the significance of multi-links, Google initiated an algorithm that diminished the potentiality of links arising from the same domain and directed towards the same site.

Limited to fifteen

You can connect the same site from a single domain, but the power will decrease significantly. To get the best result, do not use the link more than thrice from the same domain. As the number of outbound link increase, the flow struggles. It is more like a flowing liquid. With more links, each niche gets less fluid. Less number of links going to the site gives more authority. PBN-Hosting providers ensure the number of outbound links is limited to fifteen from each domain.